Dom Trotta

Photo of Dom Trotta General Manager Contact

Kristian Hybschmann

Photo of Kristian Hybschmann General Sales Manager Contact

John Abrenica

Photo of John Abrenica Sales Manager Contact

Aidan Thevenot

Photo of Aidan Thevenot Parts Manager Contact

Ian Cook

Photo of Ian Cook Fixed Operations Manager Contact

Sales Department

Allan Mendoza

Photo of Allan Mendoza Sales Consultant Contact

Andrew Lamb

Photo of Andrew Lamb Sales Consultant Contact

Angeleka Bisson

Photo of Angeleka Bisson Sales Consultant Contact

Dylan Yerex

Photo of Dylan Yerex Sales Consultant Contact

Panajoti Dhaliwal

Photo of Panajoti Dhaliwal Sales Consultant Contact

Reggie Merluza

Photo of Reggie Merluza Sales Consultant Contact

Scott Brandson

Photo of Scott Brandson Sales Consultant Contact

Financial Services

Brad Chandler

Photo of Brad Chandler General Finance Manager Contact

Carla Schillaci

Photo of Carla Schillaci Financial Services Manager Contact

Administration and Support

Quinn Skidmore

Photo of Quinn Skidmore Sales Administrator Contact

John Du

Photo of John Du Sales Lot Attendant

Service Department

Bryan Brommell

Photo of Bryan Brommell Service Consultant Contact

Jason Tonelete

Photo of Jason Tonelete Service Consultant Contact

Martin Gregoire

Photo of Martin Gregoire Service Consultant Contact

Alejandro Garcia Rivas

Photo of Alejandro Garcia Rivas Apprentice Technician

Art Zdziarski

Photo of Art Zdziarski Technician

Ebenezer Robles

Photo of Ebenezer Robles Service Detailer

Gabriel Kalaw

Photo of Gabriel Kalaw Lube Technician

Gabriel Veluz

Photo of Gabriel Veluz Lube Technician

Jonathan Poole

Photo of Jonathan Poole Lube Technician

Ramil Andrin

Photo of Ramil Andrin Technician

Ramon Ortiz

Photo of Ramon Ortiz Lube Technician

Tom Hallem

Photo of Tom Hallem Technician

Yolito Custodio

Photo of Yolito Custodio Sales Detailer

Yukun Li

Photo of Yukun Li Apprentice Technician

Parts Department

Marcaz Baerr

Photo of Marcaz Baerr Parts Consultant Contact

Nahom Haile

Photo of Nahom Haile Parts Consultant Contact

Grant Dushnicky

Photo of Grant Dushnicky Parts Shipper/Receiver

*Must be applied at time of purchase. $750 bonus offer can also be used towards accessories if a vehicle is purchased at listed price and a trade-in is unavailable. Some conditions may apply. See Birchwood Kia Regent for full offer details. Dealer Permit #4176.

Birchwood Kia On Regent

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