David Quang

    Photo of David Quang General Manager Contact

    Andrew Lamb

    Photo of Andrew Lamb Sales Manager Contact

    John Abrenica

    Photo of John Abrenica Sales Manager Contact

    Christian Reyes

    Photo of Christian Reyes Parts Manager Contact

    Matt Bratland

    Photo of Matt Bratland Service Manager Contact

    Sales Department

    Cheyanne Klassen

    Photo of Cheyanne Klassen Product Advisor Contact

    Geromy (Kobe) Monte

    Photo of Geromy (Kobe) Monte Product Advisor Contact

    Karter Williams

    Photo of Karter Williams Product Advisor Contact

    Panajoti Dhaliwal

    Photo of Panajoti Dhaliwal Product Advisor Contact

    Scott Brandson

    Photo of Scott Brandson Product Advisor Contact

    Zijie (Sunny) Liang

    Photo of Zijie (Sunny) Liang Product Advisor Contact

    Financial Services

    Carla Francisco

    Photo of Carla Francisco Financial Services Manager Contact

    Tim Francisco

    Photo of Tim Francisco Financial Services Manager Contact

    Administration and Support

    Emily Nickle

    Photo of Emily Nickle Warranty Administrator Contact

    Quinn Skidmore

    Photo of Quinn Skidmore Sales Administrator Contact

    Lot Attendants and Detailers

    Connor Hamonic

    Sales Detailer

    Ebenezer Robles

    Photo of Ebenezer Robles Service Detailer

    John Du

    Photo of John Du Sales Lot Attendant

    Yolito Custodio

    Photo of Yolito Custodio Sales Detailer

    Service Department

    Bryan Brommell

    Photo of Bryan Brommell Service Consultant Contact

    Jason Tonelete

    Photo of Jason Tonelete Service Consultant Contact

    Martin Gregoire

    Photo of Martin Gregoire Service Consultant Contact

    Deepanshu Parbhakar

    Photo of Deepanshu Parbhakar Lube Technician

    Derek Gee

    Photo of Derek Gee Apprentice Technician

    Gabriel Kalaw

    Photo of Gabriel Kalaw Lube Technician

    Gabriel Veluz

    Photo of Gabriel Veluz Lube Technician

    Jonathan Poole

    Photo of Jonathan Poole Lube Technician

    Ramil Andrin

    Photo of Ramil Andrin Technician

    Tom Hallem

    Photo of Tom Hallem Technician

    Parts Department

    Grant Dushnicky

    Photo of Grant Dushnicky Junior Parts Consultant Contact

    Jay Paguia

    Photo of Jay Paguia Parts Consultant Contact

    Nahom Haile

    Photo of Nahom Haile Parts Consultant Contact