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      Financing options for many needs and credit ratings

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      Types of Vehicle Loans

      Kia Motors FinanceBank LoansBirchwood Credit
      Kia Motors Finance

      Kia Motors Finance

      Financing a Kia through Kia Motors Finance is a great option if you put a lot of mileage on your vehicle, want to own your vehicle outright, or use your vehicle for commercial purposes.

      With flexible terms of up to 84-months, Birchwood Kia Regent is able to customize your payment to be smaller with a longer term. Additionally, Kia's excellent finance rates will save you money over the long term.

      We also offer attractive leasing options, if always driving a newer car is important to you.

      Bank Loans

      Bank Loans

      Through its relationships with Canadian banks, Birchwood is able to offer automotive financing on new and pre-owned vehicles through bank loans. Bank loans are similar to manufacturer loans in that they can be put towards the purchase price of a vehicle and are available to approved borrowers with different terms such as payment schedule and term, but are usually applied to pre-owned vehicles. Bank loans usually have the benefit that they can be paid off early in-full at any time, and carry the advantage that once the loan is paid off, the vehicle is yours to keep, trade or sell.

      Birchwood Credit

      Birchwood Credit

      Sometimes, challenges in life can make owning a vehicle difficult. If your credit has been impacted negatively by things such as unexpected expenses or divorce, it’s possible that vehicle ownership has been made difficult by rejection for credit on a conventional vehicle loan. In these scenarios, make sure to speak with Birchwood Credit. Unlike other automotive dealerships who will often sell your information to an outside loan provider in alternative credit situations, Birchwood provides credit itself, meaning you get credit from someone who’s credible. Birchwood Credit’s process is fast with an easy application and no obligation.

      Leasing a Kia

      Effective Car Leasing Options from Kia Motors Finance

      Leasing is a great option for owning a new vehicle if you want lower monthly payments, like driving a newer car more often, and/or would like a short term commitment. Kia Motors Finance provides flexible lease terms of between 24-60 months, as well as yearly kilometre allowances from 16,000km up to 24,000km.

      Trade-In Your Vehicle with Birchwood Kia Regent

      Trading in your current vehicle can significantly decrease the payments on your new or pre-owned vehicle from Birchwood Kia Regent. Get an instant Trade-In valuation today!